Electrical Wiring Problems
Electrical Wiring Problems

I’ve got a secret to share: knowing when your house has wiring woes can be a lifesaver. I mean it!

Bad wiring is like inviting a fire-breathing dragon to live in your walls. Too dramatic? Perhaps. But it’s a danger we can’t afford to ignore, believe me!

Anytime you want to jazz up your home with electrical upgrades, it’s best to hire a pro. Got a bad wiring job? No sweat! Just give the folks at Add On Electric a shout. They’ve got the expert crew to pinpoint and patch up your problem.

Think about this for a moment: have you ever moved into a home that had its wiring job done by who-knows-who? I know, I have.

It’s crucial to recognize lousy wiring when you see it. If you happen to stumble upon it, don’t worry, your new pals at Add On Electric have got your back. Here’s what we can help you with:

Tripping Circuit

Ever had an appliance trip a specific circuit repeatedly? Been there, done that. If it’s just one device, you’re probably overloading that poor circuit. But what if you have only a few gadgets plugged in and it still trips?

Red flag, my friend! That’s a sign there’s some electrical gremlin playing havoc.

Here’s the kicker: if the excess electricity isn’t running your appliances, where’s it going? Into the ether, causing mischief and costing you extra. Now, that’s not fair, is it? The danger isn’t just theoretical, it’s real, and it’s costly. So let’s stop paying for what we’re not using, and stay safe, shall we?”

Flickering Lights

Ever had your lights put on a disco show, flickering or even humming a little ditty? Been there, pal! You swap the bulb, but it keeps dancing. What gives? It’s a sad tango between a shoddy connection and its steady electricity partner. Let me tell you, bad wiring is usually the culprit behind this unwanted light show. In essence, somewhere along the circuit, there’s a rebellious wire that’s not playing its part.

Warm Light Switches

Now, let’s talk about those warm light switches. You flip a switch and, “Whoa, this switch feels like it just ran a marathon!” It could be a dimmer, a push-button, or any other type; if it’s toasting up your wall, we’ve got a problem.

And by problem, I mean a wiring glitch that needs fixing!

Think about it: every time you touch a warm switch, you’re playing Russian roulette with an electric shock. This ain’t your garden-variety static shock you get from shuffling on the carpet. No, sir! We’re talking about a high-voltage, bone-rattling jolt. Not fun, I assure you.

But hey, don’t lose sleep over it! Our good friends at Add On Electric can defuse this ticking shock-bomb swiftly. After all, why invite trouble when you can just show it the door, right?

Burning Smell

Ever had your nostrils invaded by a burning smell? It’s bad news, friend. Doesn’t matter where in your castle it’s coming from – any whiff of smoke or singed stuff is an alarm bell that needs attention.

Here’s a clue: do you catch this scary scent only when a particular light is on? If that’s a ‘yes’, then switch off that light pronto. It’s Add On Electric time! Because, guess what? If something smells like it’s burning, well, it’s because it is. And where there’s smoke, a fire isn’t far behind. So, put a lid on that potential fire hazard and let the pros at Add On Electric handle it.

Correct Your Home’s Electrical Issues Today

Now, if you’ve read this far and suspect that your home’s wiring might be a bit shoddy, don’t wait. Get that place inspected! One misbehaving wire could throw a full-blown electrical fire party in your house. But here’s the good part: you can prevent that disaster with one call to Add On Electric.

Living in your home for a day or a decade, doesn’t matter. A worry-free, safe home is priceless. You deserve to have that peace of mind, and the superheroes at Add On Electric can give you just that. All you’ve got to do is pick up the phone, and your poorly wired problems will soon be history.

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