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Albuquerque Electric Car Charger Installation Services

Electric cars are truly the wave of the future, defining a new generation of energy conscious consumers eager to reduce their carbon footprint…and their trips to the gas pump! Companies like Tesla Motors©, Coda Automotive© and Wheego Electric Cars© are revolutionizing the industry with well-built, long-lasting electric cars that can go farther and faster on a charge than ever before.


Purchasing an electric car is a big decision, made all the bigger by one important factor – fuel. If you own or are considering purchasing an electric car, you’ll no longer be stopping at the gas pump, but you will still need to charge the vehicle. Many electric car owners are installing charge stations in their garages or driveways. However, these installations require a licensed and experienced electrician.


Installing An EV Charger at Home

If you plan to park your electric car in your garage, you’ll need an EV power outlet close by to charge up overnight. It is not recommended that you attempt this installation on your own, as it requires a licensed and bonded electrician to ensure it is safely and properly installed. Also, you might find inadequate wiring that needs to be inspected and potentially replaced before the installation can be completed, depending on the age of the home and other factors.

If you own or are planning to purchase an electric car, there are three levels of charger that will suit your needs:

  • Level 1: This charger requires no installation and uses a normal three-prong safety outlet. However, while simplicity is its strong point, it charges electric car batteries extremely slowly and may take more than 20 hours to complete. Most electric cars come standard with one of these.
  • Level 2: This effective and increasingly preferred EV charger uses a 240-volt circuit which should only be installed in your garage by a qualified electrician. This charger can complete a charge in around three hours and is now being provided by many electric car manufacturers.
  • Level 3: This is the type of charger you would find at a public charging station. It is extremely effective, incredibly fast, and can add more than 150 miles to your driving range. Unfortunately, this type of charger is not available to homeowners because of its massive power draw.

Hiring an Electrician for Electric Car Charging Installation

Many electric car owners are upgrading their charging stations to a 240-volt option because of the convenience of a fast charge. Some of the major considerations in the cost of installation are location, cord length and amperage. Because an electrician is highly recommended to perform this upgrade, it is advantageous to find one who can perform all the services necessary to get your car up and running.

Here are a few things to look for in a qualified electrician for your Level 2 installation:

  • Offers electrical chargers
  • Offers Tesla chargers
  • Complete site inspection
  • Electrical system review and upgrade if necessary
  • Professional installation (licensed, bonded, and insured)
  • Adherence to permitting and code requirements
  • Equipment testing to ensure proper functionality

Your Albuquerque Electrical Contractor Can Help with EV Charging System Installation

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