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Just like any other crucial electrical apparatus, electrical panels need regular maintenance to operate correctly.  Upgrading it is one of maintenance’s facets. Maybe you’re thinking, “Is it worth upgrading?” In a nutshell, sure! Here are five reasons why you should update your electrical panel.

Your Electric Panel is Over 25 Years Old

Panels for electricity are quite robust. They are constructed from fire- and weather-resistant materials, such as ceramics and metal. Electrical panels may thus last a very long period.

It does not follow that an electrical panel is still the best option for your building simply because it is still operational after decades of usage. At Hawkeye Electric, we advise upgrading electrical panels that are more than 25 years old as a matter of principle. This suggestion considers the fact that a great deal of technology advancements have occurred over that time. It also considers the years of continuous usage and wear and tear that the electrical panel has accrued.

Increased Need for Power

A solid reason to replace your electrical panel is if your requirement for electric power has grown greater than it used to be. The electrical load that your electrical panel can handle is specified by design. The electrical panel would have been able to provide the energy required by the building’s electrical equipment at the time of installation. But with time, these electrical devices are changed out. In most cases, the facility is outfitted with additional machinery. The need for electric power will rise because of this. It’s possible that your existing electrical panel cannot handle the demands of the present; in this case, you will need to update your panel.

You Experience Continuous Electrical Failures

Ensuring a steady supply and distribution of power is one of an electrical panel’s primary duties. Your electrical panel is malfunctioning if issues like the power going out on a regular basis, burned cables, or equipment blowing up from excessive voltage happen. Regular power surges and outages are signs that the building’s electrical load is becoming too much for the electrical panel to handle. It is best to update it currently.

You Wish to Reduce Insurance Premium

An updated electrical panel lowers the possibility of fires starting. Therefore, a modern electrical panel may raise a building’s level of safety.

You may lower the amount you have to pay for the building’s insurance by upgrading your electrical panel. This is since having a modern electrical panel is regarded as a crucial safety component. The home is thus seen as less hazardous, and the premium will be less. Upgrading from the previous fuse-box model to the present circuit-breaker panel type results in a larger insurance reduction.

You Wish to Reduce Your Electrical Bills

The use of electrical power by older electrical panel types is less efficient than that of more modern variants. They use more electrical energy as a consequence. As a result, you will discover that you are overpaying for your electricity bills.

You should think about replacing your electrical panel if you see an increase in your power costs even if your consumption patterns haven’t changed.

Contact an Expert Electrician

When there is a reason to upgrade the electrical panel, you will not be able to do it on your own. Make sure that you get in touch with an expert electrician for it. They provide much-needed assistance for you to upgrade the electrical panel based on your requirements.