Reasons Why You Need to Install a Home EV Charger

Considering that 80% of EV drivers charge their vehicles at home, it makes sense to build a home charging station! What are the benefits of installing an EV charger and what exactly is a home charging point? Continue reading to learn more.

What exactly is an EV charging point?

A home charging point essentially entails charging your automobile from the comfort of your own house, much as topping up the battery life of your electric vehicle at a public charging station.

There are two methods you can charge your electric car at home:

  • By using the EV’s slow charger, which is included with it. This procedure draws electricity from your home supply using a typical 3-pin socket.
  • Putting in a wall charger in your garage or on the side of your home. You can connect this independent EV charger straight to your home’s electrical outlet.

Essentially, what distinguishes a home EV charger from a slow charger?

Your electric vehicle can need more than a day to completely charge when using a typical 3-pin socket. However, a home charging station can provide quicker charging periods in a dependable and safe way. Multiple wires extending around the house are not necessary for a wall charging port at home. Plugging in an EV to the externally mounted charging port is simple and fast.

You can buy a variety of wall chargers for your house, including ones with rapid charging speeds and “smart” capabilities! Smart units, for instance, can be remotely configured to charge your electric vehicle at certain intervals. Installing a home charging device would need a skilled electrician.

What are the benefits of installing a home EV charger?

Let’s now look at all the benefits that you can experience by installing a home EV charger. Make sure to keep all these benefits in mind and proceed with the decision.

1.      It is more convenient to charge at home

One stress-free benefit of owning an electric car is being able to recharge it at home. You can manage more about when and how long you can charge your vehicle by installing a home EV charger. The days of needing to get up early to get gasoline for work are long gone. or needing to locate the nearest gas station using Google Maps. These days, you can just leave your automobile outside your front door to charge.

Home EV chargers charge much more quickly than typical public ones! Using a Level 2 charger (mounted wall chargers with around 240 charging volts), an electric automobile can usually be completely charged in 4–6 hours. There is no need to spend hours waiting at a public charging station when using home EV charging. All you have to do is sleep with your vehicle plugged in overnight, and when you wake up, it will be completely charged!

2.      They are safer

It’s safer for your automobile and you to leave your electric vehicle at home. As was already said, charging an EV in a public place might take some time. When topping up your electric vehicle (EV) in a public area like a parking lot, you run the danger of theft, vandalism, and weather-related issues like hailstorms. Avoiding all these possible risks is made easier when you refuel your electric car from the comfort of your home.

3.      You can harness green energy to charge your car

Renewable energy sources like solar photovoltaics and wind power can be used with modern household charging outlets. This implies that you can use your excess green energy to charge your electric vehicle instead of paying for dirty energy from the grid! Naturally, if you have a system installed. Using solar or wind electricity at home to charge your electric vehicle is one of the most economical and environmentally friendly options available.

However, there’s no need to be concerned if you don’t have a renewable energy system installed. You can lessen your carbon impact in different ways. You can power your house and your EV with a home EV charger, and you can choose a green energy plan to do so!

4.      You can boost the value of your property

Since the number of EVs that people use are increasing along with time, it will become a must-have amenity to be equipped with an EV charger at home. If you have an EV charger at home, you can easily increase property value. Home charging is made even more alluring by the fact that this premium is far more than the price of setting up a charging station.

5.      You can save money and even make money

You can get cheaper charging by installing a home charging station. With tariffs like Octopus Go, you can charge your vehicle during less expensive off-peak hours by selecting the time and duration of the charge. when the cost of power is at its lowest. Furthermore, you can profit from having a home EV charger by renting it out via Peer-to-Peer (P2P) charging programs.

6.      It is more convenient to charge at home

Installing a home charging station is a very simple operation. Most of the time, you can install a charging station on your driveway without obtaining planning approval. It’s also easy to find an EV installer!

Install an EV charger right now

In summary, installing an EV charger at home is a wise financial decision. Ideal for towns, corporations, and colleges in addition to residences. While keeping these facts in mind, go ahead and get your home EV charger today.