Top Hazardous Home Electrical Problems
Top Hazardous Home Electrical Problems

We often see people getting injuries due to electrical hazards. If you want to stay away from them, you should be aware of the common electrical hazards that can take place at your home. This understanding can help you to save your life and avoid severe injuries. Let’s take a look at the most common electrical hazards out of them.

Failing to do wiring work properly

If you have poor wiring at home, you are dealing with the risk of fire, power surges, and many other issues. This is why you should never even attempt to wire your own home. Get the help of a professional electrician and make sure that wiring is perfect.

Having electrical outlets closer to water

Water is a strong conductor of electricity. When you have electrical outlets closer to water, you have a chance of getting an electric shock. This is why you need to keep a safe distance in between the source of water and electrical outlet. Make sure that you pay special attention to electrical outlets in your bathrooms and kitchen.

Operating electrical appliances with wet hands

Since water conducts electricity, you should never operate any electrical appliance with left hands. Make sure that your hands are dry even before using the hairdryer.

Failing to cover electrical outlets

If you have kids at home, you should cover all the electrical outlets. Kids are curious, and they could insert metal objects like forks into the outlets. You should also keep an eye on the kids at all times. Sometimes the kids might try to unplug appliances from outlets or bite the electrical cords.

Don’t just rely on extension cords and power boards

When the distance between an outlet and an appliance is not enough, we tend to rely on extension cords. However, you should never consider it as a permanent solution to power up the electrical appliances. Make sure that you move the appliances or get new electrical outlets installed to power them up.

Keep light bulbs away from flammable materials

Light bulbs can get hot when you keep them on for few hours. This is why you should keep them away from flammable materials such as drapes and upholstery. Then you can avoid the risk of getting your house burnt down by a fire.

Don’t cover the wires heavily

If your wires are heavily covered, you may be subjecting them to overheating. This can eventually lead you to a fire at home. This is why you need to keep them uncovered. Make sure that you also isolate the wires from other materials.

Putting water into electrical fires

When a fire happens due to electricity, you should never put water to extinguish it. Since water conducts electricity, you will be inviting even bigger problems with it. This is why you need to have an electrical rated fire extinguisher at home. When there is a fire, you should also turn off electricity supply to the home and try to extinguish it with a wool blanket. It is better to call fire brigade if you are not safe.

Final words

Being aware of these common electrical hazards can help you keep peace of mind at home. Make sure that you never play around with electricity.  It is always better to seek the assistance of an expert electrician when you want to do something or get advice on something with related to electricity.