Top Home Electrical Dangers Every Homeowner Needs to Address
Top Home Electrical Dangers Every Homeowner Needs to Address

We use electricity to get most of our work done in day to day life. This is where we come across the need to work on some electrical work at home. Unfortunately, around 1,000 people end up with death per year due to electrical hazards. Kids and toddlers accumulate to around 20% of those deaths. This is why you should have a clear idea about the electrical dangers at your home. Below mentioned is a list of the most common electrical dangers that you can find in the American homes.

Old or defective wiring

Old or defective wiring you have at home is a leading cause of electrical shock. It can cause arc faults, power surges, and electrical fires. You need to check all the wires at home and make sure that they adhere to safety standards. If not, you should refrain from doing any DIY work. It is even better to get the help of a professional electrician and inspect wiring at home.


Water and electricity aren’t good companions. Installing electrical outlets too closer to sources of water or dealing with electricity using wet hands can lead you to electrical dangers. That’s because water is a decent electrical conductor.

When there is an electrical hazard at home, you should never turn on water. Make sure that you pay special attention to electrical outlets that you have in the bathrooms and kitchen. They should be placed at a safer distance from the electrical outlets. You must also refrain from using electrical appliances in the bathroom. It is better if you can use the hairdryer inside your bedroom, instead of the bathroom. You should also have dry hands before you touch any of the appliances.

Light bulbs

If you handle light bulbs correctly, they will not be a hazard. However, you should also keep in mind that light bulbs are an electrical appliance, and they have the risk of causing electrical shocks. This is why you should turn off the light bulb before you replace it. You must also pick the light bulbs with right wattage, so that you can make sure that they don’t overheat.

It is important to make sure that your hands are dry before you replace them. Likewise, you should separate light bulbs from flammable materials, such as upholstery, plastics, drapes, and beds.

Covering electrical wires and cords

Electrical wires are irritating heat. This can make carpets, upholstery, and other flammable material catch fires. The chances of a covered electrical wire to cause a wire is too low. However, you should never ignore the risk. This is why you need to take appropriate measures to ensure safety before something worse happens.

It is a good thing to keep the electrical wires away from flammable materials. You should also provide enough space for the items such as computers and televisions to ventilate. This will help you to prevent overheating.

Extension cords

Extension cords don’t look too dangerous. However, there are some safety rules that you need to adhere to when using extension cords. For example, extension cords you have at home can be a tripping hazard. This is why you should be mindful about the placement of extension cords, so that you don’t fall because of them.

You can take some time to fix the extension cords in proper place. You may also think about using plastic covers to cover up the unused receptacles. Make sure that you don’t use extension cords as electrical outlets. You should only use them for a shorter period of time. Likewise, you should also limit the number of devices that you are connecting to the extension codes. Regularly inspect all the cords and make sure that they are not damaged.

Curious kids

Any form of electrical hazard can be dangerous. This is why you should be mindful about your kids at home. The kids will not have a clear idea about the electrical hazards you have at home. Without such knowledge, they can pull appliances from their cords. Or else, they might even place their fingers inside the electrical outlets. This is why you need to keep your eyes on kids at all times.

If you have kids at home, it is better to use plastic covers and cover up all the electrical outlets you have at home. Likewise, you should also keep your electrical appliances away from the reach of kids.

Pouring water to electrical fires

When a fire happens due to electricity, you should not put any water to extinguish it. Water doesn’t work for all types of fires. If you add water to an electrical fire, you will be fueling it up. This is why you need to have a fire extinguisher at home. Then you will be able to take out the fire quickly and safely.

Important safety rules to keep in mind

You should refrain doing engaging with any DIY electrical work at home as much as possible. If you come across the need to deal with some electrical work, you should get in touch with an expert electrician. When you come across a problem with any of the electrical appliances at home, you should contact an expert and get them inspected as well. Make sure that you keep your hands dry when touching the electrical appliances. This is why you should never operate any electrical appliances within the bathroom.

Go for the right electrical upgrades

Going for the right electrical upgrades will create a better life for you at home. This is where you need to get in touch with a local electrical company. Then you can check and see what electrical upgrades are available to you. Pick the best upgrades as per your lifestyle, and you will end up with the best results. Make sure that you also work with a technician, so that you can only stick to the right upgrades.

You shouldn’t attempt to do any upgrades on your own. Always stick to an experienced and skilled technician, so that you can get the job done while ensuring safety.