Phoenix Home Electrical Issues to Watch Out For on a Regular Basis by Add On Electric Phoenix

You’ve been ignoring these common electrical problems in your home. It might be something you can fix yourself! How dangerous are the most common electrical problems in your home?


Loose Outlet Plug

Shut off the switch. Check twice to see if the outlet has power (use a voltmeter or plug something in). Remove the cover plate and use outlet spacers to make the outlet level with the wall.

Light Switch Broken

Turn the circuit breaker off (the light will go out when you choose the right one). To take off the faceplate, use a screwdriver with a flat head. Use a screwdriver with a Phillips’s authority to take off the light switch. Check for electricity in the two wires that go to the screw. If it’s safe, take the light switch and put it back together.

Short Circuit, Simple

Some electrical devices, like hairdryers, can trip or short circuit often. Turn the switch back on. When the same appliance keeps breaking, it means it’s the appliance and not the electrical system. But without the thing? If the wiring or plug has a short, a pro needs to fix it.

Extension cord cut or broken

Pull both ends out. Take the old plug out. Score the insulation jacket and slowly peel it back. Using a wire stripper, remove the insulation from each wire and twist the ends tightly together. Screw the black one into the gold screw, the white one into the silver screw, and the green one into the green screw. Then plug the wires back in and close the plug. Where’s the cut? Buy extra ends and use the broken ones to make two new ones.


Flickering or Dimming Lights

This could signify a bad connection and can lead to arcing when loose or corroded connections occasionally make contact. This can cause sparks, overheating, and fire.

Light bulbs break down often.

If your light bulbs keep going out, it might not just be because you use them too much. The socket or circuit may have a loose connection. Have a lot of broken recessed lights? Overheating could be caused by insulation nearby, and these fixtures are made to turn off to prevent fires.

Dead Outlets

A tripped poor connection (and possible arcing) or a tripped breaker due to too much heat can cause melted wires or outlets and dead outlets.

Warm plugs and switches

Unless it’s a dimmer switch, a warm outlet is a serious safety issue that needs to be fixed right away by a pro.

Breakers Are Often Tripped

This is a sign that the circuit is too complete and uses too much electricity. You should add a course or think about upgrading your electrical service.

Are you in over your head with electric problems?

Don’t be a DIY risk-taker. Electrical problems are not like drywall problems; they can be painful. And while it’s easy and cheap to replace drywall, you can’t. If you don’t have the tools or know-how to fix these common electrical problems on your own, Add On Electric Phoenix can help. Don’t ignore potential dangers. Get help today by calling Add On Electric Phoenix at 602-980-8056.