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Your Albuquerque GFCI Outlet Will Not Reset After it Rains – Here’s Why

Your Albuquerque GFCI Outlet Will Not Reset After it Rains - Here's Why

Ground fault circuit interrupters are necessary if your home has any exterior outlets. A GFCI outlet will turn off the power if there is an abrupt shift in current, such as when electricity and water combine, but it is not a failsafe, particularly when it is exposed to rain. There are several probable causes for your GFCI outlet not resetting after it has rained, some of which will be discussed here, along with possible fixes.

There is a fault in the ground

Ground faults are a potential source of severe harm. If you press the button on the GFCI and it does not reset, it is possible that it has already identified a ground fault and is therefore functioning as it should. Pull the plug on everything that is connected to it. If there is nothing hooked into the outlet, it will generally reset itself. You can test to see if the problem was caused by the device you just plugged in by trying it with a different one.

The Outlet Is Still Wet at This Point

You will not be able to reset the GFCI if there is still moisture in the area around the outlet. These outlets are sensitive, and there is a sound rationale for this. You run the risk of receiving an electric shock or perhaps dying from electrocution if you come into contact with a powered outlet that is also damp. Once the rain stops, wait for the outlet to dry (or dry it with a hairdryer plugged in elsewhere), and then try it again; if it hasn’t dried, seek additional sources of moisture in the immediate area.

There has been a loss of power

During times of severe weather, power disruptions are always a distinct possibility. You won’t be able to reset a GFCI if the power hasn’t been turned back on. Checking whether the lights, appliances, and other gadgets located throughout your home are operational might help you determine whether or not the electricity has been cut off. In that case, you can only wait for the electricity to be restored before attempting to reset the GFCI outlet.

Check the breakers in the circuit breaker box to see if your neighbors still have power. Any GFCI that is connected to a circuit that has had its breaker tripped will be rendered inoperable. First, you should attempt to switch on the breaker again and check the outlet to see if it will reset.

The Opening Has Become Corroded

Outdoor outlets are susceptible to corrosion since they are constantly exposed to the weather. A GFCI outlet can become inoperable and unable to be reset if the interior has rusted. After that, you will require the assistance of an electrician to replace the device. Lowering the danger of corrosion is feasible by placing a new outlet in a location that is less exposed to the elements, such as beneath a porch or behind a screen.

A mistake was made with the wiring

Changing an existing outlet to one equipped with a GFCI could result in a wiring problem. Incorrect wiring poses a significant risk because it may result in the start of a fire or damage to your property and your tools and appliances. Please do not use the outlet until the wiring issue has been resolved; your best bet is to have an electrician check it out and rewire the receptacle before you start using it.

Add On Electric should be contacted for GFCI Repair

Compared to your home’s regular outlets, GFCI outlets require a different method of installation and repair. Our skilled Los Angeles electrical contractors will be able to establish the cause of your GFCI outlet’s failure to reset after it has rained using the appropriate diagnostic tools. They will determine whether it has been correctly installed, as well as whether any repairs are required. If it can’t be resolved, our experts will replace the outlet for you and guarantee that it continues to function securely. Call us at (505) 804-9534 to get the ball rolling, and a qualified electrician will be dispatched to your location to investigate, diagnose, and fix the issue.