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Why You Should Invest in an Albuquerque Whole-House Surge Protector

Electrical surge protection power strips will protect your Albuquerque home appliances and electronics until they do not. Meaning, they offer little to no protection. People are under the belief that protecting valuable appliances and expensive home electronics by employing power strips offers the needed protection required in the event of a power surge. Power strips offer minimal protection, but the wiser choice to go with in the event of a major power surge (believe it, they do happen) is to install a quality whole house surge protector.  

Why You Should Invest in an Albuquerque Whole-House Surge Protector by Add On Electric Inc 505-804-9534 b
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surge protector in an electrical cabinet.

Significant power surges that will most likely negatively impact your Albuquerque home and do major damage comes in two forms. Lighting is one form of power surge and a power grid surge is the other. A power grid surge can originate from Public Service Company of New Mexico, from a local manufacturing facility or a large building with major electrical service. A power surge can happen in an instant, without warning. Installing a highly rated whole house surge protector in your Albuquerque home will protect your home’s appliances and all its electronics.

Regardless of the length of time a power surge lasts, your Albuquerque home appliances and electronics it most likely will suffer significant irreparable harm. The harm done by any type of power surge occurs suddenly, but the actual harm possibly may not appear right away.

Power strips are not the only type of protective device available to protect against power surges. Surge stations are another type of surge protection protective device. This device features multiple device ports. The plug-in ports on a surge station include telephone line, device plug and coaxial cable.

The Top Albuquerque Home Surge Protection Defense

The bottom line for the preeminent defense against a power surge for your Albuquerque home is to install a whole house surge protector. A whole-house surge protector will handle virtually any giant power electric surges that hit your Albuquerque home. Other devices that can protect your Albuquerque home against electric surges are individual circuit suppressors. These are used on major appliances and electronics to individually protect them from major or minor electricity spike.

Each surge protection device serves as a barrier between power surges and your important Albuquerque home appliances and electrical devices. When larger than normal amounts of voltage come down an electrical wire to a home electrical outlet, it is redirected to a ground wire away from the device, which in turn prevents the device from being destroyed by the excess current. When that happens, the voltage levels then turn back to normal levels and the electricity at the home comes back on. It only transpires this way if the current that came through during the surge was not high enough destroy the fuse in the device.

If you decide to invest in a whole-house surge suppressor, you will learn that your Albuquerque electrician will hard wire the device directly into your electrical service panel. This is not a job for the do-it-yourself Albuquerque homeowner. These days the base line surge protection threshold for any whole-house surge suppressor is minimum of 40,000 amps.

When you are shopping for whole-house surge suppressor, be sure it offers the following working components: lights; alarms; and thermal fuses. These working components are part of the device to show your when an appliance or electrical device has experienced an electrical surge or major electrical spike. Smaller freestanding whole-house surge suppressors are available to protect coaxial cable, cable boxes, TV’s, computer modems, internet modems, fax machines, and telephone lines.

Be aware that stopping electrical surges 100% is not possible. A whole-house surge suppressor may still permit up to 15% of an electrical spike to pass through the device. To enhance your Albuquerque home appliance and electrical device protection add a plug-in surge protector to each device. When installing a whole-house surge protector in your Albuquerque home, hire and licensed and bonded electrical contractor like Add On Electric, Inc.

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