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Smart Doorbells Explained

Smart Doorbells Explained by Add On Electric 505-804-9534 AA
Smart Doorbells Explained by Add On Electric 505-804-9534 AA

Smart doorbells go beyond simple visitor notification by including convenience and safety features like answer-from-anywhere functionality and a live video stream to provide a complete guest experience.

A smart doorbell is a doorbell that communicates with the internet instead of the standard doorbell. If you have a smartphone or other device in your house, it can “bell” that device and interface with an intelligent home automation system to display real-time video from your front door. It’s important to note that “smart doorbell” is nearly synonymous with “video doorbell” because most of them come with video cameras built-in—something to keep an eye out for while you’re doing your research. Doorbells, of course, serve to alert you to the presence of a guest. Smart doorbells go above and beyond their primary function, adding extra convenience and safety features to your front door and improving on the ones you already have installed in your home.

Door-Answering Capabilities

Smart doorbells are like security cameras, except that they have a button that visitors may press to call your attention. Whenever someone presses the button, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone or another mobile device, whether at home or on the road.

Most intelligent doorbells have real-time video and two-way audio, which gives you various choices. You will still be able to answer your door, but you will have more information at your disposal.

Because you know who is present, you can take one of three actions. If you’re not home, you can:

  1. Decline to answer the door.
  2. Leave the door shut but communicate with them via two-way audio on your smartphone (similar to an intercom).
  3. Certain intelligent doorbells play a pre-recorded message such as, “You can just leave it, thanks!”

Using your smartphone to screen guests or answer the doorbell from any location is handy, but it is also a safety element that should be considered. You’re not giving anything away, whether your house or your car. Furthermore, you are not required to open your door.

Incorporating an intelligent assistant and voice commands can improve your door-answering experience. Arlo’s Video Doorbell can broadcast its live video stream to Amazon Echo devices with a screen by using an Alexa voice command, such as “Alexa, show me the front door.” To make it even better, Google’s Nest Hello can be set up to automatically send its live video feed to a screen on the Nest Hub when someone presses the doorbell button.

Features of a Security Camera

Smart doorbells are security cameras with additional door-answering capabilities, so here are some of the innovative doorbell security camera features to keep in mind. To avoid receiving a slew of false-positive motion alerts for tree branches on a windy day, smart doorbell cameras that use AI (artificial intelligence) for personal identification may filter out “false positives.” AI more advanced AI systems can tell the difference between people and general movement, but they can also recognize known faces and package delivery.


Bright doorbell power sources are divided into GFCI outlet plug-ins, batteries, and low-voltage wiring. GFCI outlet plug-in, batteries, and low-voltage wiring (or a combination of wired plus battery backup). It’s essential to know your options for installation because not every home has outlets close enough to the front door or low-voltage wire that can meet your needs.


With certain intelligent doorbells, you’ll have to select whether you want to pay a monthly fee for a video storage service subscription.

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