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Home EV Charging Station Albuquerque – Here are the Advantages

Home EV Charging Station Albuquerque - Here are the Advantages by Add On Electric

Because it is an additional investment, installing an EV charging station in your Albuquerque home may not be something you consider seriously after purchasing your electric vehicle. After all, you drove your internal combustion engine vehicle without a gas pump in your driveway even though you had one. Having your charger installed in your house does, however, come with several advantages.

This post will discuss the benefits of installing a home charger and the costs associated with doing so. The convenience of charging at home is the primary justification for using your charger.

Home charging stations for electric vehicles offer both convenience and safety.

Most people who own electric vehicles have concluded that the most convenient place to charge their vehicles is at home. When you have a charging station in your garage, you only must make sure you remember to plug it in when you come inside the house. You could sleep with an empty battery and wake up to a fully charged one, eliminating any concerns about your vehicle’s range. Because it is your charger, you have complete authority over how much power is drawn from the battery. If there is an issue, you will have the ability to correct it rapidly. It may be annoying to drive about with a low battery and not be able to find a public charging station that is both free and operational. On the other hand, given that you are the only person who uses the charger at your home, you won’t have to wait in line behind other vehicles since you will always have access to the charger.

The installation of your home charger is a good idea for several reasons, including for your safety. Because public charging stations could be empty areas, leaving your vehicle there. At the same time, it recharges and puts you and your vehicle in danger of being broken into, stolen, or otherwise used without your permission. On the other hand, you may continue to charge your device in a risk-free environment at home, even while it is pouring severely outside. Even though installing a home charger requires an initial cost, doing so might result in positive financial outcomes.

The charging of electric vehicles at home is less expensive and more reliable.

Because you do not have to pay for overhead as public charging stations do, it is more cost-effective to charge your electric vehicle at home rather than at a public charging station. There are methods to lower the cost of charging your devices at home. You may, for instance, look for more reasonably priced power contracts or tariffs geared specifically at electric vehicles. It is recommended that you charge your vehicle at non-peak times, like overnight or on the weekend, in most locations. This is because power is typically lower during certain times, enabling you to pay a lower total amount. On the other hand, you will only be able to target off-peak times if the charger is yours and is kept at your house always.

Setting up solar panels as a power source for your home is an additional step you might take to reduce your environmental impact. Solar panels have a lower overall lifetime ownership cost than grid-connected electricity generation. Not only will you save money on your monthly power bill, but you will also have the peace of mind of knowing that your electric cars are being charged with only environmentally friendly energy. If you are concerned about the planet’s health, you should also be concerned about the condition of your battery, which leads us to the second advantage.

Charging your electric vehicle at home is healthier for the battery’s overall health.

Using a public charger may be quicker than charging at home, but it is more harmful to your battery. The damage is caused by the quick charging process, which can cause your battery’s temperature to rise to dangerous levels. Utilize your home chargers more frequently to stave off the deterioration of your battery as much as possible. Even if it takes longer for the battery to recharge, the fact that you are already in your own house makes this scarcely a problem.

Chargers for the home are the most reliable.

You will get a lot of use out of excellent home charging stations because they are built to last for a long time. They are also compatible with many different car models, which means that you can replace your electric vehicle without having to change your home charging station. You could even charge a second electric vehicle by alternating with who charges the vehicle.

Home chargers are an investment that will raise the value of your house.

Homeowners have found that buyers of electric vehicles are interested in purchasing residences equipped with charging stations. This inclination enables them to sell or rent out their home more quickly and even allows them to demand a higher price for it. Even whole neighborhoods see an increase in value due to the installation of home chargers.

There is the possibility of cost reductions associated with installing home chargers.

Homeowners interested in installing home chargers can get financial incentives from several different governments worldwide to promote the widespread adoption of electric cars. These are often provided in the form of refunds or tax cuts. You might be eligible for more than one depending on where you reside, including those offered by the federal government, your state government, and your local government. You may save more than fifty percent of the total cost. 


There are a variety of advantages to installing an EV charging station and charging your vehicle at your Albuquerque residence. It is handy, may save you money, is healthier for your batteries, and will help your property appreciate. You may look out for expert charging station installers on the internet, and they will assist you in having the most successful charging experience possible. When you’re ready to install an EV home charging station to your Albuquerque home call the pros at Add On Electric at 505-804-9534.