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Federal Pacific Electric Stab-Lock Electrical Panel Problems and How to Address Them

Federal Pacific Electric FPE Stab-Lok panels were the top electrical panel installed in homes for several decades and are still in use today in 2021. Starting back in the 1950’s they were installed in millions of homes and businesses for around thirty years of time. Sadly, FPE Stab-Lock panels were notorious for causing horrible fires that ended up causing horrendous property loss, and in some instances, loss of life. If your Albuquerque home or building was built in that time period, chances are your Albuquerque home still has the original FPE Stab-Lok panel installed from then and it needs to be replaced.

FPE Stab-Lock Panel Issues Causes

The FBE Stab-Lock panel breakers were most likely calibrated incorrectly when they were designed. Federal Electric Products sold their defective electrical equipment on national basis on a huge scale. This mistake translated into catastrophe after catastrophe in residential homes and business resulting millions of fires.

From a design perspective when a component in an electrical panel mechanically trips a circuit will shut down a breaker when pole is tripped a single time. This translates into a highly risky setting where in the event of an overload, a 2nd or 3rd breaker will not trip due to the component tripping the first breaker once already. This faulty design which minimizes breaker tripping means the FPE Stab-Lock electrical panels are not good and highly unsafe.

The FPE Stab-Lock panel mounting is not safe. The stabilization of the panel is at risk with these panels because the busbar screws that came with the panel are small and do not secure it well. This design flaw caused the system to get hot which sometimes turned into fire.   

How to Locate FPE Stab-Lock Panel Issues

Homeowners and business building owners need to look for two specific problems or indicators to see if there may be something the matter with their FTE Stab-Lock electrical panel. The indicators to look for are as follows:

Electrical Buzzing Sound

If you start hearing electrical buzzing sound coming from your home or business electrical panel it is a good indicator the panel is bad and the electricity flowing through it is causing it to overheat. As quickly as you can, give an electrician like Add On Electric, of Albuquerque, NM a call. Chances are good your whole FPE panel needs to be removed and replace with a quality electrical panel.

Super-Hot Electrical Circuit Breakers

Hot electrical circuit breakers are also a great indicator that your home’s FPE electrical panel is bad. Stand near the panel’s circuit breakers to see if they are hot but be aware you are taking a chance at getting injured from being burned if you handle or touch a hot circuit breaker whatsoever.

Got a Hot Circuit Breaker? Call Your Albuquerque Licensed Electrical Contractor ASAP

The facts bear out that one electrical circuit breaker has a problem, the FPE Stab-Lock panel installed in your Albuquerque home is probably going to fail very soon. When you call an Albuquerque electrical contractor to have them look at your FPE panel, they will check the entire panel for every possible issue and address all of them.

Inspect Your FPE Stab-Lock Panel for Small Screw Size

Hire a licensed bonded Albuquerque electrical contractor to complete this task. When this task is being completed the contractor will turn off all the panel circuit breakers and the main circuit breaker. In particular, the front panel that features the circuit breaker slots needs to be removed. It is this section of the FPE Stab-Lock panel where the electrician will heck to see if the panel has small screw connections. Loose contact points for the busbar caused by short screws need to be changed out to stop the fire hazard that is most likely present.

Different FPE Stab-Lock Electrical Panel Replacement Choices

Changing out FPE Stab-Lock components to retrofit it so it is no longer a fire risk is expensive to complete. In fact, it would cost two times the cost of a new panel. Additionally, installing new electrical breakers in an installed FPE panel, is still risk because its mechanical design issues are still present.

It can easily be gathered that inspecting your Albuquerque home electrical panel fully is not a task for the homeowner should do. To be safe when it comes to your health and to address the fire hazard an existing FPE panel presents for your home, it makes good sense to hire a professional reputable Albuquerque licensed electrical contractor to complete the task. They will inspect your FPE panel, determine if is safe or not, and provide you with the top method to resolve your electrical panel problem.

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