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Electrical Retrofitting in Albuquerque

Electrical Retrofitting in Albuquerque by Add On Electric 505-804-9534 a

Add On Electric specializes in electrical retrofitting, re-wiring, breaker panel fixes and upgrades. Our focus is to ensure current safety code standards are met, and provide modern energy efficiency options, which ultimately help our clients to save on their energy bills. 

We guarantee the quality and safety of our workmanship in your home or office, and can facilitate bringing your outdated or inefficient electric system into the modern age.


A new system can be expensive, but often a simple adjustment will produce equal or greater results for much less. The main objective is to save money, while making your electrical system as energy efficient as possible. Contact us today to book a free consultation with one of our retro fitting experts, and determine if electrofitting is the right option for your home or office.

We can guide you through the steps, analyze your existing electrical system, design and make adjustments that coordinate with your current and future electrical needs


  • Retrofitting of electric panels, subpanels and circuit breaker
  • Complete or partial re-wiring
  • Retrofitting of lighting, control panels and dimmer switches
  • Boost wiring systems to support the installation of heat pumps
  • Adding low voltage lighting
  • Retrofitting for swimming pools
  • Retrofitting for kitchen remodels with upgrades of wiring and appliances
  • Retrofit wiring for modernized hot water heater installations
  • Total compliance to safety and structure codes


Changes to the way you consume electricity, aging equipment, planning for the future, or damage to your current system are all good reasons to contact us for all of your panel retrofits or rewiring ventures! Regardless of the magnitude, our leading edge electricity specialists will assist you in establishing a design that will bring your present voltage amounts in compatibility with modern energy saving systems while streamlining electrical flow. We can take care of all the details for you when it comes to installing a new hot tub in a historic property, or upgrading any home or office space.


  • Prior to beginning your electrical retrofitting project, here are a few  things to consider:
  • Is this project going to qualify me for energy efficiency programs or rebates, and bring my current system up to code?
  • Is updating equipment and wiring going to improve energy consumption and lower electric costs?
  • Is there any equipment, such as HVAC units, which may require extra attention?
  • Do you have backup arrangements for daily home or business needs?

Add On Electric is ready to help you answer these questions and more, and to create a comprehensive plan to protect your investment. Contact us at 505-804-9534 to schedule your consultation