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Benefits of Installing USB Electrical Wall Outlets in Your Albuquerque Home

Benefits of Installing USB Electrical Wall Outlets in Your Albuquerque Home by Add On Electric 505-804-9534

Today, more than ever, your Albuquerque, NM home needs to be set up with the best technology has to offer including systems that are connected to your electrical system.

Many if not most Albuquerque, NM, new homes are set up with “smart home” technology with most of it set up where any system can be turned on and off and monitored with a smartphone. Homes are solar powered, protected by wireless security systems and appliances such as heating systems can be operated and monitored from any point on the planet with a cell tower signal. Today 9 out of 10 cell phones today are smartphones. Most home phone systems or telephones are set up using VOIP powered by electricity and a highspeed internet connection. High-tech homes are here to stay.

Today many homes are a apothecary collection of Bluetooth devices, tablets, and the premier portable device, the ever present smartphone. Each of these devices necessitate a USB port connected to an electrical outlet. Devices can be charged using a regular electrical outlet, a laptop, a computer, or TV with a USB port. The latest development for a USB port that is becoming a standard in new homes is to install electrical outlets with built-in USB outlets. Featured below are a handful of pluses of place USB outlets throughout your

The popularity of smartphones, tablets, and Bluetooth devices increase the demand for USB charging stations. I know, you can charge your device with a standard electrical outlet or your laptop/computer. The newest trend is to forego the adapter altogether and install USB outlets in homes. Here are a few benefits to having USB outlets throughout a home:

  • USB wall electrical outlets are well designed. These USB outlets output electrical current with no loss of power through heat. USB adaptors lower the voltage pulled from an electrical outlet. That means the charge is lower and the device plugged into it charge far more slowly. Once a device plugged into a USB electrical wall outlet is completely charged the power is automatically turned off. This means this method of charging your devices is energy efficient.
  • USB wall electrical outlets power your devices that charge more quickly than if they were plugged into a laptop, computer, TV or USB adaptor.
  • USB wall electrical outlets are ergonomic, easy to use, and safer than using an adaptor. Plug, power up, and play or use it quickly are the primary pluses of this type of USB outlet.  
  • Many devices cannot be used until it is charged completely. With USB wall outlets you can charge and use the that type of device at the same time.
  • USB wall electrical outlets are permanently installed (Obvious, but it needs to be pointed out). The number of times USB wall adaptors have been lost boggle the mind. This problem goes away with a USB wall electrical outlet.
  • USB wall outlets installed the right way are easy to use and incredibly safe.  

If you decide to make the move to install USB electrical wall outlets in your Albuquerque home, it makes sense to have them installed by an Albuquerque electrical contractor that is licensed, bonded, and insured. Do not attempt this installation on your own. Your Albuquerque home electrical outlet boxes will most likely work fine with a new USB wall electrical outlet.

There are several locations in your Albuquerque home that would be a great place to install a USB electrical wall outlet. Those locations are as follows:

  • Next to a studying desk
  • Throughout a home office
  • Next to the nightstand in every room
  • At the front entrance of your home
  • Next to a flat screen TV or home entertainment system

New home construction contractors are and customer builders normally incorporating installing USB electrical wall outlets in every electrical outlet box. Chances are if you buy new home in 2021 and beyond, the entire home will feature USB electrical wall outlets throughout the entire home.

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