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How to Determine if Your Home Needs a Electrical Service Panel Upgrade – Part Two

If you’re wondering if you should upgrade your electrical panel, here’s some key points to consider.

If your home’s current electrical panel is:

Less than 200-amp serviceRunning at maximum capacity, orOver 25 years old

It’s highly likely that you would benefit from an […]

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How to Determine If Your Home Needs an Electrical Service Panel Upgrade – Part One

Chances are at some stage you’ve wondered if you should upgrade your electrical panel.  And if you’re reading this article, maybe that’s now!

Here’s some key points to think about:

If your electrical panel is less than 200-amp service, is at maximum […]

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Thinking of Doing Your Own Albuquerque Home Electrical Work?—Think Again DIY’er

There are many benefits to doing your Albuquerque home electrical work. You save money, it is more flexible than calling in and waiting for an electrician, and you can call the shots.

Despite this, even the more experienced DIY electrician may […]

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Home Electrical Safety Strategies to Follow to Keep Your Albuquerque Home Safe

We don’t usually think much about how we use electricity in our homes because it’s such a simple automatic action. Plug in an electrical appliance, and it goes. But it’s important to realize that electricity is anything but simple and when […]

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Electrical Hazards Strategies To Follow To Safeguard Your New Mexico Warehouse

Electrical safety is a crucial component of any warehouse. Although the materials used on site pose serious threats, electrical tools can still cause injury and damage if handled carelessly.

Extension cords are one such tool that should not be taken lightly […]

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Electric Car Home Charging Station And Public Charging Station Costs and Basic Facts

If you plan on driving your electric car for an extended period, it’s best to plug in when possible and charge. Charging battery costs vary depending on where electricity is cheaper than normal rates – this could be during off-peak […]

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Home Solar Power System Basics

It’s clear that solar PV systems are not particularly complex. First there’s a panel, which captures and converts sunlight into electricity with help from batteries or other energy storage devices if necessary. The DC signal is then fed in through […]

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Albuquerque Light Fixture Installation Basics

A light fixture can instantly brighten up any room in your home. Learning how to install one is a simple DIY project that requires no advanced skills or equipment, if the fixture is similar to other ceiling-mounted fixtures out there.

The […]

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Albuquerque Electric Water Heater Installation Guide for the DIY Homeowner

Installing an electric water heater is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, if you’re a DIY kind of person then this task should be easy for your skillset! But before tackling the job there are some basic […]

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Does My Albuquerque Home Require a Surge Protector for Each Appliance?

It is always a good idea to check out the power requirements and amount of electricity it consumes before you purchase an appliance. Appliances have different electricity as well as voltage requirements and plugging them in without keeping a check […]

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