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Home Solar Power System Basics

It’s clear that solar PV systems are not particularly complex. First there’s a panel, which captures and converts sunlight into electricity with help from batteries or other energy storage devices if necessary. The DC signal is then fed in through […]

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Albuquerque Light Fixture Installation Basics

A light fixture can instantly brighten up any room in your home. Learning how to install one is a simple DIY project that requires no advanced skills or equipment, if the fixture is similar to other ceiling-mounted fixtures out there.

The […]

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Albuquerque Electric Water Heater Installation Guide for the DIY Homeowner

Installing an electric water heater is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, if you’re a DIY kind of person then this task should be easy for your skillset! But before tackling the job there are some basic […]

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Does My Albuquerque Home Require a Surge Protector for Each Appliance?

It is always a good idea to check out the power requirements and amount of electricity it consumes before you purchase an appliance. Appliances have different electricity as well as voltage requirements and plugging them in without keeping a check […]

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Albuquerque Electrical Box Basics

An electrical receptacle, also known as an electrical box or junction box, is the device used to put in electrical wire to provide electrical current throughout a Albuquerque home or commercial building. The most common ones are the ones present […]

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Albuquerque Home Remodeling Electrical Safety Strategies for Every Home Owner

Just like some other things, remodeling and renovation of houses are sometimes necessary or desired. Specific portions of the home need renovation according to arising needs. Before planning a renovation, proper electrical safety planning is needed.

Each Albuquerque homeowner requires home […]

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Electrical Safety Strategies to Follow When Doing Home Remodeling

Like other things in our life, our houses also require renovation from time to time. Sometimes, urgent needs arise which demands remodeling certain portions of the house according to our needs. Whether you want a large scale or small-scale […]

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Pluses and Minuses of Aluminum VS Copper Conductors (Copper Prices Keep Climbing So Aluminum Wiring is Making a Comeback)

Conductors that are composed of non-magnetic metals are considered good and are extensively used in the manufacturing of wires and cables. However, silver is the best metal conductor discovered so far but its use is very limited due to its […]

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Big Pluses of Installing a Whole Home Surge Protector in Your Albuquerque Home

Many people believe that simply using power strips in the home are enough to protect their fragile electronics and the home itself. This isn’t true. Although power strips can be helpful to a certain extent, using a whole house surge […]

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Albuquerque Home Electrical Emergency Basics

An electrical emergency can occur any time and without notice. When they do, it is vital to know where to turn for immediate help. If your electrical system has been damaged in a storm,  you won’t be able to afford […]

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