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Is Albuquerque Home Aluminum Wiring Dangerous and If it is What Should You do About It?

If your Albuquerque home has aluminum wiring, an inspector has probably already pointed it to you. You may doubt if you need to get it fixed, as with many other peculiarities and aspects of your house. Unfortunately, there aren’t many […]

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Do You Really Require a Professional Electrician to Wire Your Albuquerque Hot Tub?

Internet posts with enticing titles like “DIY and Save” or “Wire a Hot Tub without Paying an Electrician” are commonplace. However, setting up a hot tub is not as easy as it may seem. There are likely to be several […]

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Albuquerque Whole House Surge Protection Explained and Why Your Home Needs It

Lightning strikes, blown transformers, or fallen power lines are generally the first things that spring to mind when one thinks about power surges. However, these more spectacular exterior high-voltage surge occurrences, although still posing a risk to your property, are […]

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Landscape Lighting is Complicated – Hire an Electrician to Make Sure It’s Done Right

Do you want to put the finishing touch on the landscaping of your home or company by installing landscape lighting? Do you need inexpensive, reliable methods to light your yard and paths at night? While it’s tempting to try your […]

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Factors Why Getting the Electrical Inspected is Critical When Purchasing a New Home in Albuquerque

Deciding to buy a home is significant. Don’t rush anything when looking for a home. Some of the most desirable homes in the country can be found in your area. To narrow your search, you’ll need to comprehensively inspect each […]

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The Importance of the Electrical Inspection When Buying an Investment Property

Consider getting an electrical inspection done before you buy an investment property in Albuquerque for the following reasons:

Electrical systems are often not checked during a routine property inspection

A standard building inspection will include evaluations of the facility’s heating and plumbing […]

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Top Factors Why Your Business Should Switch to LED Lighting, Dump Fluorescent, and Save Money

LED lighting is one of the greatest innovations for both commercial and residential owners in recent years. Since they must power many light fixtures, commercial building owners will benefit most from this new technology. They could save a lot of […]

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Solar Technology Became Less Expensive and Improved During the Decade of the 2010’s – Here’s What is in Store for the 2020’s and Beyond

No other power generation technology could keep up with solar’s rapid decline in price in the 2010s. Once again, the game is changing for the better in the 2020s.

From $2 per watt to just over $0.20 per watt, the cost […]

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Installing an At-Home EV Charging Station is a Smart Move – Here’s Why

You may enjoy driving your electric car but finding and waiting in line at a public charging station is probably the last thing on your mind. Suppose you’ve been thinking about getting an EV charging station for your house but […]

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Reasons Why You Should Always Hire an Albuquerque Licensed Electrician to Do Your Electrical Work

There is a lot at stake when it comes to power. This is not a job for the neighborhood handyman. It would help if you did not attempt to fix or replace any electrical components on your own. Only a […]

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