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Albuquerque Electrical Box Basics

Albuquerque Electrical Box Basics by Add On Electric 505-804-9534 A

An electrical receptacle, also known as an electrical box or junction box, is the device used to put in electrical wire to provide electrical current throughout a Albuquerque home or commercial building. The most common ones are the ones present in homes or offices or local buildings. Electrical boxes are there to provide a device to let the current electrical current pass through easily for your home or business appliances to function. 

However, there are multiple types of electrical boxes such as the ones found in electrical outlets. These include commercial-grade, the duplex, decorator hospital-grade styles, power outlets, night lights, range and dryer outlets, surge protectors, and some other types as well. 

Speaking about the most common commercial grade receptacles, however, are the weather-resistant ones. They are mostly used for outdoor locations due to their ability to withstand severe weather conditions, as well as their trust durability. 

Hospital-grade one’s function through a dual mechanical shutter. These receptacles are mostly used in hospitals or pharmaceutical environments and are trusted for their ability to be resistant to tampering. 

Home or offices normally have two-gang electrical box outlets, known as a two-gang box. You can insert two wires at one time in a two-gang box and they are also available in different colors as well as amp usages. 

When it comes to preventing electrical surge damages to different appliances, people normally prefer surge protector outlets. They are also tampering resistant. 

One of the most common myths about night lights is that they are used to lighten up rooms during dark at nighttime. However, little do people know is that they are also used in hospitals especially in the hallways. Common night lights function on a single receptacle only. One of the best things about night lights is that they can last longer up to 20 years without any trouble or the need to replace a bulb. 

For larger appliances, we have the range and dryer outlets. These outlets are safe and considered the best when it comes to providing the stronger power needed to operate these appliances. 

The next article will cover surge protectors and how they are extremely useful at saving thousands of dollars for you. 

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