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Business Lighting Protection for Albuquerque Businesses

In New Mexico and Albuquerque, lighting happens. It’s part of the natural weather patterns of the planet. We cannot stop it, but we can take measures to limit its damage when lighting strikes. Lightning strikes are massive,lightning protection albuquerque nm - Add On Electric 505-804-9534 delivering electricity to the tune of a thousand amperes. The bigger the lighting strike normally, the more extensive the damage. Businesses in Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico are susceptible to damaging lightning strikes. An electrical surge from a New Mexico or Albuquerque lightning strike coming through the wiring of a business can destroy the electrical panel of the building and ruin all the electrical equipment such as computers, computer servers, copiers and flat screen TV’s, causing 10’s of thousands of dollars in damages. New Mexico Lighting strikes cause damages to appliances and machinery worth millions of dollars annually. Annually New Mexico lighting strikes are the highest in numbers in the USA, year after year.

Albuquerque lighting protection is available through commercial lightning systems. A lighting protection system transfers excess electrical charges from a lighting strike into the ground, away from the building and its valuable electrical system and the company assets inside worth 1000’s of dollars. A lightning protection system includes grounding rods, lightning rods and conductor cables.

Due to the high number of lightning strikes in Albuquerque and New Mexico, businesses need to make the investment into commercial grade surge protectors and lightning protection systems. By making this wise investment Albuquerque businesses can reduce the risk of a lighting strike ruining their business building electrical system or its valuable electronic assets like computers, computer servers and copiers.

Protect the Lives of Company Employees & Company Assets

A lighting protection system can protect the lives of the people inside a building. A lighting strike is incredibly powerful and as such, when a strike hits it can come all the way through a building harming or killing the person it this. Lightning strikes can cause fires, burn electrical systems, shock the people inside and cause gas to emit, which may cause a very harmful explosion. Albuquerque business owners and New Mexico business owners are responsible for providing a safe work place. Installing a lighting protection system will help make this requirement a reality. Lightning protection equipment can also protect the electrical wiring, electrical panel and the office equipment inside the building including copiers, computers and computer monitors.

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