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Why Homes and Commercial Buildings Can Require both a Main Electric Panel and a Sub Electric Panel

Electric panels are additionally called breaker panels. An electric panel is essentially the electrical switchboard where  the electric breaker switches are for a house or commercial building. The buttons are run with levers that lock into place. When their is a power surge a breaker lever or switch will flip the off position.  An electric panel controls power to an entire home or commercial building; whereas individual  breaker switches control power to specific areas such as the kitchen, the living room or bedrooms. The breakers are labeled so you can see which area of the home or the building the breaker switch manages.

The electric line from the power company delivers power to your house or building. It is located outside of the property and it is connected directly to the electric panel of the building. When the circuit breakers are overwhelmed by to much current they will turn off, or trip, stopping electrical current from continuing to flow to that part of the home. The primary circuit breaker electrical panel controls the power supply of the whole house. An Electric panel secures the power supply due to the fact that fluctuations in power might cause sparks, fire or even electrocution.  Circuit breakers are engineered to allow a set limit of current to each area of a home or building structure. If a circuit breaker handles too much current they can heat up dramatically and in certain instances, start on fire. When circuit breaker trips in an electric panel you can reset it.

Circuit Breakers Are Better than Old Fashioned Electrical Fuses

Electric panels are a dramatic improvement over old fashioned fuses due to the fact they do not require to be replaced. An electrical fuse can handle a set amount of electrical current before the blow. This fact alone makes circuit breakers much safer . When an electrical current exceeds the circuit load of a breaker it will trip and then it can be reset.

Even Distribution of Electric Load

Electric sub-panels are designed to manage electric current flowing through the wiring of a building. When installing a sub-panel, you need to consider what solution is being provided for the electric power load it is managing.  Prior to installing a sub-panel, the primary electric panel may have to be updated.

Stop Damage

Electric sub-panels work as they reduce circuit load and voltage variations. If there are too many electrical outlets in a certain area taking in power, such as TV, computer system, ac unit and laptop computer simultaneously, a circuit breaker in the sub-panel would certainly trip. The circuit breaker switch, when tripped due to too much electricity being used by to many appliances or devices, will change position to the center, between the “on”  “off” switches. In this situation, the solution is to switch off power to a certain space by pressing the lever to “off” and after that switch it back to “on”.

Manage Electrical Energy Consumption

Electric panels allow you to figure out whether there is an overload to the breaker as well as regulate your electrical energy usage. You would certainly be able to regulate the variety of electric devices or tools that are used at once. If one circuit obtains also overloaded, you can switch over to an additional outlet.

If anything goes wrong … A property owner should be learn immediately whether something is wrong with the electric panel or learn if the electric wiring in your residence or commercial building was done improperly, which could also bring about a short circuit, fire or black areas from smoke and fire on a light switch or electric wall socket. When these types of real signs appear the power the building should be switched off. Tripped circuits or fires can likewise occur when a hot electric wire is located that is in contact with an outlet box or ground cable.

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